Saturday, September 2, 2017

Making Choices

     Now that auditions are over, it came time to make choices for who is going to be in the cast and what parts for each.

      Unlike a play where it would be just myself making the decisions, in a musical, Both the Director and Musical Director have to come together in agreement.  This time we had to take some chances and make some tough choices.  

     We looked at changing who sings a song to make the actors fit,  decide to play some parts with a gender not originally thought of, but wasn't specific.

      Once we did that, we were able to now put the cast together.   Since we agreed, I put them all together and sent out the email to those who were cast and tho those who were not.   I really do like doing it by email as I always tripped over my tongue when telling someone they were not in the show.

      Now it is just waiting to see who accepts and see who doesn't.   We will have our first read thru this coming Thursday.   With the read thru, that is when I will really hear how the show will come together.  

      Stay tuned for information on the read-thru.    Picture coming as well.