Saturday, September 2, 2017

Making Choices

     Now that auditions are over, it came time to make choices for who is going to be in the cast and what parts for each.

      Unlike a play where it would be just myself making the decisions, in a musical, Both the Director and Musical Director have to come together in agreement.  This time we had to take some chances and make some tough choices.  

     We looked at changing who sings a song to make the actors fit,  decide to play some parts with a gender not originally thought of, but wasn't specific.

      Once we did that, we were able to now put the cast together.   Since we agreed, I put them all together and sent out the email to those who were cast and tho those who were not.   I really do like doing it by email as I always tripped over my tongue when telling someone they were not in the show.

      Now it is just waiting to see who accepts and see who doesn't.   We will have our first read thru this coming Thursday.   With the read thru, that is when I will really hear how the show will come together.  

      Stay tuned for information on the read-thru.    Picture coming as well.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hello,  My name is Ronn Gordon and I love theatre.

A little bit about myself.

      I am on the board of Main Street Players of Boone County.  They are located in Belvidere, Illinois.  They put on 3 main shows at year.  I have been with them for the past 9 years and have been and actor and director for them.   I have also stage managed and worked the box office and other jobs behind stage.

      I grew up in Rockford, Illinois and enjoyed theater in high school.  Rockford East High, Home of the E-RABS.  That is where my love of theater really grew.  I also did local community theater at Rock Valley College.

     I don't feel that I am anyone special.   I will let you know right now, I took a couple of classes but don't have any other "training".  My style has been called "organic".  I have been fortunate to be able to direct some stunning shows.  Shows such as "Miracle on 34th Street, Seussical the Musical, Fruitcakes, A Christmas Carol and Murder by Natural Causes"  My favorite is working with children, youth and adults all together in a show.

     That is why I decided to start this blog.   I have taken the helm of our next show.  "The Happy Elf"  written by Harry Connick, Jr.   This show is going to have all ages of children, youth and adults and tell the story of Eubie, The Happy Elf.   I thought it might be interesting to people out there to follow along as we go thru the process of putting the show together.  

      After putting out the word on Facebook, our Webpage and by word of mouth, auditions happened the past two nights.   On Sunday, we had about 13 people come out.   We are a community theater and maybe we should be a bit more strict with auditions, but my philosophy is everyone should have fun.   So we first heard the singing portion.   Songs from "Happy Birthday" to Twinkle, Twinkle little Star" for some of those who are coming out for the first time.  Other songs such as "Part of Your World" and "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" were more planned out.   Sue, my music director, is a saint to listen and work with all the different talent levels that come to try out.  We then move on to the cold readings.   I chose about 6 different scenes from the show and hand them out.   I know many of those trying out and have my idea of what I would like to see.  They get as long as they like to put it together and then "perform" in front of me.   I may ask them to read it a bit different again, or give a suggestion.   I want to see if they are will to listen to me.  If they aren't going to listen to me during the audition, why would they listen during rehearsals.  After all have read, I have them all come on the stage and I want to see heights and how this group looks together. I thank them all for coming and encourage them to come back the next night.   I have always been told to audition a lot and often.   The more practice you get the better you will feel when auditioning.
     Monday comes and we get about 15 more and a small hand full of those from the other night.  I have to brag here. My 7 year old son, auditioned for the first time.   Yes, Daddy was proud of him even though he said "I was really, really scared"  We heard more "Happy Birthdays" but we also got to hear a nice rendition of "All the Jazz" from Chicago and "The Ghetto" by Elvis.  Same format as the night before.

     Now they wait.   I hope to have it all set and put together by Thursday, Aug 31.   Be watching this blog for more, such as who made it and what we are going to do for the first read thru.